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As dictated by the mandate given to the Board of Directors, security remains one of the biggest priorities in our Estate. A few impending changes will be implemented from 1 December 2021 in an effort to make the Estate as safe an environment as it can be.

The details of these changes are contained in the latest COMPLEX ACCESS PROCEDURES, a copy of which is available on this website, under general downloads or in hard copy from the HOA or Security Offices as well as the access gates, and also upon request by email.

We request that you study this document carefully, as it determines the way in which you, your loved ones, visitors but also service providers gain access to inside your safety zone.

A summary of the major security actions as from 31 December:

  1. Visitors need to be checked-in at the access gate;
  2. Visitors need positive identification;
  3. No access for residents if they do not agree to complex rules;
  4. Nannies and child-carers will need permission to be confirmed at the security gate if wanting to exit the gate with the child;
  5. Residents vacating any property need to inform security 7 days prior to moving out;
  6. Building sites must be screened off while building takes place;
  7. Construction workers may not move from their allocated building sites by foot;
  8. Residents who don’t have QR codes inside their vehicle window will require to be checked-in at the access gate.
  9. Selfies will be taken for pedestrian visitors that enter the complex.